Thursday, 27 March 2014

What Suit Driver Are You?

As a Men's Stylist I know how confusing it can be when you go suit shopping so I decided to break it down in terms Men understand. I am not saying that you guys don't understand suit language? I am here to put it in words that makes sense, because sometimes I get lost in translation and I grab my phone and hit google. 

Example: "This suit has the finest tailoring by Savile Row notice the fine stitching on the lapel"
 G.B.S Terms: "This suit is like the Ferrari of suits, european design with attention to detail

We don't all follow suit jargon even at times I don't but I am here to save you from feeling like your IQ has dropped when you are standing in front of a salesman (it's the hardest when you are served by a woman who knows it all, don't you hate that) 

"This suit has been carefully crafted with an inbuilt canvas in the chest thats creates an exquisite shape"
G.B.S Terms: The Body of this BMW is built with finest materials to protect the outer shield and keeps it looking elegant.

"This suit is a well tailored suit that has a 12 cm drop, this suit is tailored to the body and very handsome on"

G.B.S Terms: This 2 seater MR2 Spyder is all about appearance and power, very little room to move but comes with as a standard size from the factory.

"This suit comes from the finest wool yarn it is a 'Super 130'S' with ColdBlack Technology"
G.B.S Terms: This Mercedes Benz has the finest Leather seats that keep you cool in summer and warm in Winter. The leather keeps the car looking classic and elegant overtime and will age well.
"Did you want a white shirt with button down collar or medium spread or the straight point"?

G.B.S Term: You have chosen your sports car now what sort of wheels would you like?Gloss, Black Titanium ?

"This suit is a classic fit"
G.B.S Terms: Go for the Rav 4, 5 door for more room and comfortable feel.
"Your Lapel speaks volume. A small, high notch right on the collarbone is the mark of a  killer suit"
G.B.S Terms: The power and engine of a Bentley shows what the car is worth and how it's still number one in prestige cars.
These are some of my favourite sayings that I myself use but also hear other salesmen use. Buying a suit needs to fit you well, trying one on in a department store and buying it without alterations is a one in four situation, so don't stress that it needs some alterations just make sure the overall suit fits and what needs to get altered benefits your shape. People will try and sell you a suit and say it looks great, trick is if you don't feel comfortable and the suit doesn't compliment you than don't buy it. Most men get suits tailored to fit them because every man has a unique shape and needs to spend a little bit more to look like a BOSS.


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