Thursday, 27 March 2014

Can You Judge?

One night I was out with my friends having dinner everyone had their high-tech iphones and playing games taking selfies, half my friends are guys and the other half women. I was taking photos with my friend’s phones when I realized some wallpapers on their phones were cute, interesting and too much self-love. Guys if you meet a girl try and get a glimpse of her phone, who does she have as her wallpaper on her phone? This can tell you a lot about her before you go on your second date.
Type 1 
Family- Every guy loves a girl who is close to her family, this girl is close with her family and keeps them close to her, maybe she moved away ? This woman will be carrying she may also be ready to have kids of her own so take this one with a little caution. 

Type 2
Friends- This girl loves to go out she is your social butterfly and loves life. She probably has a photo where she looks hot with her girlfriends from the weekend. This girl will be fun to date, outgoing and ready to party but can you tame this one?
Type 3
Animal- This girl loves animals or maybe just her own? If she loves animals than she will have a lot of love to give, she loves to take her pet for walks on the weekend that means she is a fit woman and loves to be outdoors. Dating this girl will bring you love and joy but can you handle the dog humping your leg?
Type 4
Inspirational Quotes- This girl is positive or is really trying to be. This girl is someone who looks for the bright things in life and smiles when she reads something uplifting, this girl is great and has a lot of love to give but be careful she is not going through a hard time and bring baggage into the relationship. 

Type 5
Celebrities- This girl loves her celebrities preferably a guy celebrity otherwise you will need to ask questions. This girl lives in la la land searching for the perfect guy hence the big buff daddy as her wallpaper. This girl is fun, ditzy at times means well maybe a little immature, caution you maybe spending more dates at the movies.
Type 6
No Image- This girl does not have time to add an image to her wallpaper; this girl is a woman a workingwoman. She lives life and that is her reality she does not give into social media and is a realist this woman is high maintenance can you handle it?

Type 7
Herself-  This girl loves herself and is ‘Super Ego’ according to Freud. A woman who has an image of herself loves herself a lot, is fine been alone, confident and comfortable. It's great to be confident but is this too much? This woman may not have time for dating.
Type 8
Fitness- This girl loves to look good or maybe she is inspiring to lose weight and keep an image close to her. This girl is dedicated and loyal and loves to train you guys can have heaps of fun training together. Can you be with a girl that lifts more than you?

These have been the most common images I have seen when it comes to girls, you can’t judge a woman for what she has on her phone but you can enter with caution. Keeping the tips real for you guys have questions? Ask away


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