Thursday, 27 March 2014

Too Many Guy Mates?

How many is too many? Is the girl you are interested in have a lot of guy mates? By too many I am talking half her Facebook friends and feed are full of guys. Do you see a lot of her photos with her mates kicking back at bars or even bbq's? Now before we judge the girl lets figure her out.

I admit that I myself have a lot of guy friends, well I did and at 28 the amount has decreased but for myself I get along easier and much better with male companions. Women need 3 types of Men in their lives before Mr. Right comes along, this could explain a little about her and her social life.
Guy UNO (1): Sweet Heart- The sweetheart is harmless to her but can be a little annoying to shake off at first, he is the guy that wants to date her but does not succeed, so why does she keep him around? Because he listens to her, gives her want she wants emotionally and is just a genuinely nice guy. This guy has been around for over 5 months and the relationship never blossomed, he is the guy that she crawls up to on the couch with and nothing sexual happens.He makes her feel like a queen. He may try and act like he is harmless to you but watch out he might try and up his game. I think if you are a Man’s man you have nothing to worry about, there is a reason why she chose you not him.
Guy DUE (2): Bad Guy- Who is the Bad Guy? I am not talking about big muscles and a criminal record, although, you never know with some women. The bad guy is the one she wants and keeps hoping she can change him. The relationship between your future and her past can be hard to break but if she really likes you than he is HISTORY. This guy and your girl could of being involved had a history and never escalated to what she wanted, that is why he is still around; he is toxic and no good for her. If she is a smart woman (and I hope she is) she keeps him around as a flirting device but once Mr. Right comes he should be BYE BYE BYE. If this guy is still around after 2 months of dating recheck your girl and ask questions. You can never be friends with an EX so why is she?

Guy TRE (3): The Gay Guy- This guy is her favourite he is honest with her and when I mean honest I am saying she looks fat and he is the man to tell her. Gay Men and straight Women are what Friday night footy are to you straight guys, we both need it in our lives, makes us happy and we look forward to the date every week. This guy is harmless he is your mate when you date the girl and he will wish you well. You may need to adjust to the fact that he sees her naked or knows her secrets but would you rather him, a guy who would never sleep with her or a guy that would? Gay men will fill in that void when you can’t such as; shopping, getting our hair done, nails done doing all of that high maintenance stuff you say you hate but we know you love. Have no fear with this man.
Every woman needs a mix of these 3 guys in 1 Man, we all want a man who will be humble and sensitive to our needs, we all want a man that can throw us on that bed and bring out the animal in us, then we want to top it off with a man who can look at us when we are wearing no makeup see our flaws and love us. So if you have met a woman who has a lot of guy mates try and understand she is filling a void in her life she needs all of these guys to make her happy but when she meets you, you are all she needs.

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