Thursday, 27 March 2014

Denims or Chinos?

Are you still asking should I wear denims or chinos now? How do I wear it? Slim, tailored or MC Hammer style? It's 2013 and boy are chinos still hot right now yes denims are still in style but now we are seeing a opt from denims to chinos. You can buy many types of chinos now some cotton and some denim/cotton that most guys love because it mixes the two styles together. Chino style pants are usually slim to tailored so it looks hot if you work out and want to show off your mad calves and legs. You can buy straight cut chinos that fit well on the waist and have creases at the front pant leg to enhance a tailored fit. I love the chino denim style on Men because they come in so many different colours and materials you can dress them down and up so go out and buy some guys. Make sure you roll up the pants from the bottom about an inch or two wear some awesome loafers nice shirt and blazer, you will rock this look for 013.


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