Thursday, 27 March 2014

FAQ for Men's Fashion

Lately I have been asked the same questions over and over by male friends, co-workers and clients and I came to realize that I will blog these queries because I am sure you are thinking it also. For my passion in Men’s fashion I make it my job to give the best style advice I can.
'Are ripped jeans still in style'?

 Yes you can still pull off your bad boy image with those denim ripped jeans over a tight tee, you would have noticed that ripped jeans have been replaced by chino style pants and causal jeans, but boys if you have a sexy pair of ripped jeans wear them out on the weekend or to a game this is still a style item.

'What is the difference between pleated pants and Flat-Front Pants'?

I have a theory that someone goes around telling men that a certain style is in trend and then all the guys go shopping trying to find that look. In the past week I have been asked what pleated trousers are and should they wear them? Ok here is the low down pleated pants have creases at the front of the pant along the waist. Pleats are designed for those men who want more room to move (larger man or athletic man would love these). Pleated trousers can be worn in business, part of a suit or even basic chino style. Flat Front pants are slim and a more straight look that is ideal for a slimmer body. Most casual and business pants come in flat front so you will have no issues finding a look that suits you.

'Slim Suit or Classic?'
My idea of perfection for Men's suits.
My favourite question of all and one style I adore to teach is the amazing new slim suits. Every brand that I work with is creating a new slim cut suit to meet popular demand and attract the younger generation. I love that 18 to 25 year old guys are choosing a slim cut suit over a shirt and jeans to wear out, bravo boys. If you prefer a more classic cut suit you can still find plenty in stores if you are not adamant about a slim suit than try a euro fit suit, it will give you a tailored look with little more room over a slim fitted or classic suit. If you are need of a new suit go slim boys it will make you feel younger, hotter and a style icon.

'What do I wear to a cocktail event'?
Any event to me is a great excuse too look good dress up and turn heads and for men it should be exactly that, why should women have all the fun? How to dress up for a cocktail event is no different to how you would dress to the races or an engagement party, you would never wear jeans, sneakers or plain t-shirt now would you? What I tell my clients is to get out your best looking suit find a shirt that adds style with its colour and add accessories such as a tie, pocket square or a watch. Stand in front of the mirror in this look and take 1 item off whether it is your tie? Your suit pants (exchange it for another style) or your suit jacket (swap it for another blazer). A cocktail event represents class and style you do not need to wear a full suit replace and take something off, make it look casual and sexy. Don’t forget footwear guys, most important part to your look try leather black shoes or leather boots. Go for a point or square shoe, round is so HUSH PUPPIES.

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