Thursday, 27 March 2014

Transform from day hunk to night hunk....

One man I am crushing on for his style turn around and amazing new life is Casper Smart. Casper is famous for stealing the heart of Jennifer Lopez and has been dating her for almost a year. Casper is a back up dancer for Jenny from the block and now she has turned her dancer to her Beau with a killer new style. If Pitbull and Neyo gave style advice to anyone it would have been Mr. Casper.
Pitbull never has a bad suit day... I can see where Casper got his inspiration 
I love NeYo's signature eyewear look, I see Casper loved it too..
I see so much style influence from these two artists on him. Although I don’t think they were his inspiration I am just stating the obvious. I love Casper’s casual look, simple tee and denim then he transforms himself to an Elegant and Sophisticated Man at night.
Guys this is how we love Men to dress, blazer meets causal shirt over pants add accessories and killer footwear. He pulls off simple black and white with his complexion so if you are thinking you can’t pull off this colour think again boys.
I am in love with the burgundy blazer he has on and he nailed it with all black making the blazer the statement piece. This outfit is so pitbull and his eyewear is so Neyo. I love this look, as we are still in winter replace a leather jacket with a tailored blazer swap your denim jeans for smart black pants, add a sexy shirt few accessories leather belt, shoes and boy you are dressing to impress. Just replace the item you usually wear with my ideas and watch the women drool….
Casper rocking out his finest look in slim- cut black pants, causal black shirt, leather shoes and the hottest blazer. Casper and J.L.O out for her Birthday recently what a sexy couple. 
Guys try a new look when you step out replace the old you with a sexy more confident you and make the women fall in love with your style .

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