Thursday, 27 March 2014

Winter Essentials -Look Hot Whilst Staying Hot

I will make this quick and brief guys, it is getting cold and I know you would rather sit at home in your tracksuit and watch the footie on TV with beer and pizza, it sounds great it really does but in the real world where you may need to spend your nights out you have to look your best and look hot whilst been warm.
My Top 'Must Have' for Men's Winter Essentials 
Pair of leather gloves, leather gloves are a must the inside layers keep your warm on those cold days and nights. There is something sexy about leather on a man so invest in a great pair of black or tan leather gloves.
scarf so many men miss this one in winter and it is so important to have a warm scarf around your neck it makes you look stylish and sophisticated and women love it too. You can get great scarfs that look great and keep you warm for under $20. Don't just go for a boring bold black try one that has black and grey shades or bold bright colours.

An over-coat is a must have in winter, don't go out buy any kind of coat guys you have to try on the one that fits, the one that makes you look masculine and suits your body, I know from helping so many men find their perfect over-coat that not every man can pull of the same style. If you want the best quality than you have to spend $$$, I have seen some great styles and materials that start at $150. If you are tall go for a long overcoat your body needs to keep a straight cut style to suit your body and height, if you are average height you can pull off long coats and coats that sit just at your knees or above, if you are short (like me) than opt for a coat that sits just over your buttocks or below you knee any longer it will make you look shorter.
Charcoal and shades of grey to black is what is hot in men's winter fashion for W/12
A pair of black or tan boots, Boots are the equivalent to smart business shoes you need a great pair to dress up your suit but also look great in denims and a blazer. You can find some stylish boots from $ 99 in black or tan. The keep you warm and suit every man.
Knitwear is a must have this winter I don't want to see jumpers over jeans I want to see knitwear over jeans. Whether you have a turtleneck on underneath or chunky knitwear on top mix and match with colour to look hot and stay warm. One error that many men make is wearing an overcoat with a jumper underneath, you can find some casual jumpers that look great BUT wearing knit wear without hoodies makes you look more sophisticated guys. Knit wear is every where right now so invest in black, white, navy or plum and look for fine wool such as merino wool so it does not make you itch. Say goodbye to the old jumpers and hello to warm knit wears.

These are the essentials that I have picked, now of course the list can go on but I am sure you want to continue with your night so remember to look out for these items when you are shopping. If you need personal style advice please visit my contact page.
Dare To Be You, Dare To Be Confident 

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