Thursday, 27 March 2014

Online Dating? Is this New or Old?

Online dating has been around for longer than you think, we are living in a world that an app can be downloaded and you could meet the woman of your dreams , or do you just meet some weird women? I have a lot of friends who have been on dating sites, some got married, and some didn't, I have friends who met their partners in clubs and bars, some got married, and some didn't. Is it wrong to meet someone online? In my opinoin I say 'No' it's not wrong why would it be? I do however think some men are too forward just like some women on these dating sites. I have  come up with some tips that can assist you if you find yourself meeting some potentials online.
Now, if you are looking to meet a future wife or partner read on, if you are looking for a one nighter than STOP READING. To all the Men who beleive in love I salute you, and I hope one day you find the woman of your dreams.
Building your Profile
Now depending what site you use or app depends on the profile you create, basic information is must, now don't lie about your age or what you do. Truth will get you far and been fake gets you no where. Once you add in your personal information fill out the rest, just be yourself.
Don't write
" I am 35 and ready to settle down"
We know you are on here to meet someone so just keep it simple and dapper
"I am 35 and enjoy meeting new people and looking for someone who I can share my time with and get to know"
This statement shows you are looking for love without saying the 'L' word.
Upload photos
This is important no woman will look at your profile unless you have a photo, even if you say "I am not photogenic" You must have 1 or 2. Upload photos to show the women out there you face, your look, your style and your character. If you don't have any photos than grab some friends go out and take group photo's, this helps take the pressure off you and on a group photo that you just happen to be in.
The more photos you put the more women will check out your profile, I think 3 is enough, 4 is good and anymore shows you love been in front of the camera.
How to start a conversation
I have read some funny icebreakers but what you don't want to do is sound sleazy or too forward, keep it clear simple and gentleman like.
Don't Say This
" Wow you are stunning why are you on here"
We don't need to feel like we don't belong on here, and saying that just makes you sound cocky and liek a player.
Say This
" Hi (enter her name) I see we have few interest in common? Off to a good start (cute joke) How are you today?
This is simple, you made a joke, you mentioned her name and asked how she was
If she does not reply then she is not interested, move on to the next don't waste your time.
Conversation flowing, when do I ask for her number?
This is important guys, leave it going for too long then we think you have a wife, ask to head on and we might not be ready. I decided not only to give you guys advice but to dowload a social dating APP on my phone, the things I do for you Men. So take my adivce because I am living proof that this works.
Once you have the conversation going let this flow for 3 days, not 1 or 2. If you go out and meet a woman you get her number straight away but when you are meeting someone online you get the opportunity to get to know someone via email and via socail networking.  Some women are happy giving you their number the same night she will most probably suggest it first. If you see the conversation flowing and she responds promtly and doesn't take days to reply then I say you habe a 3 day window.
24-Hours = It can work, but may sure she isn't playing a game
48-Hours= Been careful, watching her replies like an open tap
72-Hours= The Relationship is lasting longer than Brittany Spears Marriage -Green Light
How do I ask for her number?
Excatly how do you ask? Are there rules? No, just simply say
"I am enjoying our conversations would you mind if i asked for your number"?
Which everway works for you go for it, if she shuts you down then maybe she is happy talking and will let you know when she is ready. If she gave you her digits then it's time to work on what comes next. I tried, I went online and it is true, you can meet a special someone just stay open minded and let fate lead you.

Good luck with meeting your woman online


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