Thursday, 27 March 2014

Is She Into You?

I love the movie ‘He's just not that into you’ it's a must see movie for any Woman who doesn’t know if a guy is into her. I believe Men are easier to read when it comes to dating, if they like you they will call you if they don’t want the friendship to grow then they just stop talking to you. Sometimes it can be hard to read a Man and it is even harder to read a Woman. A Woman’s emotions are like a roller coaster ride one minute it is high and one minute it is down, especially when she is PMS’ing one minute she likes you the next she is ignoring you. I don’t blame guys when they say women don't know what they want and ask ‘Is she into me’?
If you are starting to get to know a girl or are interested (excitng) have a look at these signs I am sure your question will be answered.
If a girl is into you she will do most of the following

1.She will talk a lot on the date ask questions
2.If she blushes and smiles throughout the date or when she talks to you, that is a clear sign.
3.Her body language is open such as arms comfortably on her lap or side, she moves closer to you.
4.Eye contact (big must).
5.Texts you back when you text her.
6.Finds excuses to text you (such as funny jokes).
7.Makes time to talk to you during the day or at night via verbal communication not texting.
8.Talks to her friends about you or even a mate of yours.
9.Writes cute and perky status on Facebook (ah fb where would be without it).
10.Gets dressed up when you meet up (I’m talking high heels, nice dress and takes pride in her hair and makeup).
11.Her pupils are enlarged when you make eye contact with her.
12.She licks her lips in your presence.
13.She breaks apart from her group of friends to talk to you.
14.You are with a group of people and she talks to you more often than anyone in the group.
15.She asks you questions about yourself (especially past relationships).
16.She laughs at all of your jokes.
17.She says that you are cute and compliments you.
18.She tells you something personal about herself.
19.She says something overtly sexual to you (even if it is in a joking manner).
20.Her attitude is more playful with you than with other members of the group.
21.She touches you in any way. ( well that could work).
22. Compliments your style (as she should, if not you follow my style tips).

Out of 22 how many of these signs is your girl showing?
If your girl is showing less than 5 of these it means you need more time together. If you are not feeling the butterflies or her emotions have changed maybe she is just NOT that into you. Don’t worry I got you covered on sure signs that Women show when we are not interested.
She is just NOT that into you

1.She takes hours to reply to your text or even days.
2.She adds all your mates on Facebook and sends them private messages (she sounds great, not).
3.Changes her status to in a relationship
4.Makes excuses why she can’t meet you (washing her hair, come on girl that is so 1920’s).
5.She shows no eye contact when you see her.
6.She has her arms crossed in your presence.
7.She turns her back to you.
8.She turns her shoulder to you giving you the cold shoulder.
9.She appears stiff in your presence.
10.She pretends that she does not notice you.
11.She talks to friends instead of you.
12.When she sees you out she walks past you and does not pay you attention.
13.She does not display any emotion when you make your approach.
14.She clings to her friend when you approach her.
15.She does not smile back at you.
16.Her lips are pursed in your presence.
17. Criticizes what you wear.
Some Women are great at playing games with your emotions they we seem so into you then BAM all of a sudden she doesn’t reply, call or meet up. Never give a Woman 100% of your time from day 1, take things slow and go with your instincts. Sometimes asking your mates if they know her or anyone that does can help you so you do not get heart broken if she leaves you out of the blue. When it comes to emotions no one should take it and break it, unfortunately it happens so guys if she is into you GOOD LUCK and if she is not that into you ‘NEXT’ don’t waste your time on someone who does not deserve you.

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