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The Gym and The Women Who Go

. The Makeup Artist
. The Social Networker
 .The Independent Woman

So right now this may not make much sense but I will break it down in a moment. I decided to sign up at the gym for many reasons, one obvious reason was to tone up and the second, well I love the gym and love to look fit. As an observer by nature I began to watch the Women and Men around me at the gym. Who was flirting with whom, who was a real gym junky and who came to the gym to gossip. What I concluded after 5 months of observing and research was three different types of women who trained at the gym.

The Makeup Artist
She is my favourite one (NOT) since when did training in hardcore makeup become in fashion? I have seen a few of these girls at the gym in the past and present and I do not get why they need to wear so much makeup. I came to the conclusion that these girls are insecure and love to show off. Guys picking up or even meeting women at the gym can be a bonus but if you go for the makeup artists you may end up changing gyms. The Makeup Artist are those girls who love attention; wither you date her or see at the gym people will stare and she will love it. Attention is what they want attention is what they get. I know when I go to the gym and see these girls ‘working out’ that they have no real identity a real woman does not need to wear make up to the gym, a real woman is not afraid to sweat and look exhausted in a room full of men and other women. 
I know I may sound a little harsh here on these girls but come on ladies if you want to look hot and wear make up the gym is not the place for that. They wonder why they are single I just don’t know what to tell them. In psychology we look at behavior and action. An individual who knows who they are and can reach a high state of self-actualization such as.

* Sense of reality - aware of real situations - objective judgment rather than subjective
* Spontaneous and natural - true to oneself, rather than being how others want
* Comfortable with oneself - despite any unconventional tendencies
* Excited and interested in everything, even ordinary things.
* Creative, inventive and original
If a woman has these characteristics she would not look like she is going out to a club when she is actually going to the gym. Maslow Hierarchy of needs is where this theory comes from. If a woman is comfortable in her own skin and her actions are not one of a 15 year old, then she knows who she is and is comfortable with her self and would not need to pretend to be someone she isn't.
Should you pick her up?
If you want to change gym then yes pick her up, I wanted to see if a 'Makeup Artist' would make a great girlfriend so I asked my friend Mikey who was up for the challenge. I said that she would do his head in and become a stalker he thought otherwise.
Sue this girl is doing my head in she looks all right dressed up but no personality. She asks me the same questions over and over and wants to know my timetable. I took her out to dinner and she orders salad and when she talks she sounds fake. Like real ditzy!!
She loves the attention and I don’t really get her? She applies lip-gloss ever 2 seconds, I have no clue why, her lips aren’t going anywhere. I get it chicks who look like that at the gym + that much make up = DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. I have to delete her WTFFF do I do? 
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I hate to say I told you so, but in saying this I know some Women are self conscious of their beauty and wear a little cover up to the gym to hide scars and pimples, ladies do what you feel is necessary I salute you. When I say ‘Makeup Artist’ I mean the girls who looks like they are going out and leave nothing to the imagination. A real Woman will dare to bare all at the gym, she will be confident and uses the gym for the solid purpose for training.

The Social Networker
The second type of Woman that I noticed at the gym is the ‘Social Networker’. These Women come too the gym with a friend. At the gym I always see women training with their girlfriends and I’ve come to the conclusion that it is for 2 reasons: First to have company and Second to have someone to help motivate them and support them at the gym. Some women work harder with a friend and find that the gym is more fun. If you find yourself attracted to a social networker then I say go for it she will be more down to earth and easy to talk to over the makeup artists. A woman who trains with a friend has great communication skills and enjoys been surrounded by people in her life.

Should You Pick Her Up?
The hard fact about wanting to talk to a social networker is getting her alone to begin the conversation. As a gym lover myself I enjoy training alone but sometimes I enjoy the company of a friend it helps make a 45-minute cardio session feel like 20 minutes. I remember training one night with a friend and a certain gentleman caught my eye, but I’ am old fashion I don’t like to make the first move. I knew if he wanted to talk to me he would have come up to me my girlfriend, I knew that was never going to happen so I forgot all about it and continued to train. I usually leave my water at the back where all the lockers are; I take a sip and go back to my gym session. At the end of my session I noticed a note under my water bottle. At first I thought someone hit my car and left a note but the note read
    I wasn’t sure how to approach you, I think you are gorgeous, I would like to get to know you, I was training with a blue Nike top we crossed path few times, if you’re interested give me a call
A note is fun and a romantic way for letting a woman know you like her.  We have to give guys the benefit of the doubt here not all women are approachable. It does take courage to approach a woman especially if she is not alone. But if you find your self attracted to a ‘Social Networker’ try my 3 Second Rule (scroll down to my article on the 3 second rule). If you find it hard to catch her checking you out or visa versa go with your instinct. Trust what your heart and mind tells you, you do not need to rush into asking her out that moment. When you see her try to observe the situation and go from there. If you know where her locker is, car or even bag then a note is a romantic way to a woman’s heart. Not every woman at the gym is single, so take your time ask around use some of your own social networks before you make a move (if you hate rejection then ask around). If you are a ‘Triple C’ man (cool, calm and confident) then go for gold.

The Independent Woman
An Independent Woman by definition is someone who is not afraid to take charge, she knows who she is, she is not afraid to speak her mind, she stands up for what she believes in and is hard working. This woman who enters the gym goes in with all force, she is not looking to see if others look at her, she has her mind on one thing, ‘Training’. Women who go to the gym without makeup, alone and dedicated are defined as an Independent Woman. She does not care if you train near her, if you try and talk to her she will do one of two things: Ignore you or Talk back.
Some men are drawn to an Independent Woman they love a woman who works hard dress well and carries themselves in a pro matter. At the gym I noticed the women who come in with their business skirts and shirt, high heels, they come in get changed and hit the gym hard. Now I understand there are some guys who are intimated by a woman who knows what she wants. Most of all a man wants to be able to provide for his woman and feel like the man in the relationship not the other way around. So the attraction works both ways when it comes to an Independent Woman. You either like her or don’t. At the gym recently I paid attention to most of the women who came in (I hope they didn’t think I was on there side) and I was able to pick the Independent Woman out just by what she wore. She is the one who still looks hot when she trains. Hair pulled back, nice runners, gym clothes match and keeps her mobile close to her.
Should you pick her up?
Now I am going to say this once women who do not respond to you are NOT playing hard to get, they are just not interested. Do not be a playa that thinks more muscle equals more chance to score with a woman. Women love a man who takes care of his body but who can charm her, flow through a conversation with humor and confidence. If you see a woman at the gym and she is working out hardcore do not interrupt her, smile if she looks your way. A smile is a great way of communication there are no words, just expression. If she smiles back and goes back to working out and you want to talk to her, find a free machine near her and try this
You: I’m sorry but can I ask you how do I get it to the programs? (Any equipment bike, treadmill or cross trainers all have different programs to use)
Her: Oh do you want it on Manuel or hill?
You: Surprise me
There should be eye contact when you talk and when she talks. I am sure her body is hot but if you stair down south there will be no date for you. From here keep the conversation flowing if you find she is cutting you off or puts her earphones back in she may have a man or is not interested. If the conversation begins to flow remember to be yourself and not some guy you wish to be, truth be told she probably dumped that guy and is looking for a good guy. If you are shy you can always write a note and leave it on her bag or slide it in the locker. An Independent Woman will be like flash she runs in and runs out, so you better be quick.
Gyms are great for meeting people and you never know who you will meet. Next time you go observe the women around you look at what she is wearing, is she in tights and a loose top? Do her clothes match? Too much makeup or is she natural? Either way if you are a great guy looking to meet a nice woman then I know what type of women you will try and meet next time you go to the gym.



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