Thursday, 27 March 2014

The 3 second Rule

                                         The 3 second rule
How can you tell if a Woman likes you? How do you approach a Hot woman when you see her? This is one subject I know sociologist always research. So you are out with your boys and you see a hot woman 'How do you know if she thinks you’re hot'?
One method that I love too use and share that often works is The 3 SECOND RULE. Ok guys let go through this step-by-step.
First step: Have a ‘Hottie interest'. When you see a hot woman an instant rush is sent to your brain that triggers your nerves and you feel a 'wow' sensation.If you want to see if she has a man wait 10 minutes. If her man is around he is most probably grabbing a drink or in the bathroom and would be back under 10 minutes. Try and notice a diamond ring, guys that can be a real deal breaker. If there is NO MAN & NO RING step 2 shall commence.
 Second step: ‘Locate your hottie and stand in front view position'.If you see her make sure you are somewhere we she can notice you too. This doesn’t mean you need to be directly in front but move your body around so she can see you.You may need to move to her side of the room if it's too far.Be confident and brave we love that. You need her to notice you before you move on to step 3.

Third step:  Begin the 3 second rule. Look over at your hottie and let her catch you out.If we like what we see then the eye contact begins. Your hottie interest will now be thinking "Oh was he checking me out, his hot" or  "ummmm weirdo". If your hottie interest likes what she sees then you will catch her checking you out too. So if you find yourself standing there and eye contact is happening try this.If she looks at you longer than 3 seconds and more than 3 times make a move.
We aren’t going to checkout a guy more than once if we don’t think he is hot. Women love guys to make the first move. Eye contact and body language is so powerful it can determine if a woman is interested without using a word. So next time you're out and see a gorgeous woman try 'The 3 SECOND RULE’ and feel the power of confidence.

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