Thursday, 27 March 2014


Yes, it's the time of the year where everyone is looking for that perfect job, I believe most of find it and I also believe some don't, but let me focus on giving you my style tips for your first impression with your "future employer".
I have dresses a lot of guys in January for job interviews and they all loved to play it safe, my job isn't to convince you to wear pink or Prince of Whales Checks, my job is to make you feel confident and look like a boss. Now, you have to remember when trying on a look a few things have to be remembered
1) Skin Tone
2) Body Size
3) What the job is
4) Budget

These 4 things are all we need to know, Skin tone is easy to a trained eye but if you are going shopping solo then check out my looks below. When you go shopping it's important to know what sort of styles and cuts are available, there is no point trying on a Slim- Cut shirt if you ate 2 large pizzas the night before. Be honest with yourself and ask for advice. Don't get me wrong some Men who are a 44, neck size or 17.5 inches fit perfectly in a European Cut shirt. Ask for advice and try it on. What Job are you going for? Lawyer, Office, Sales, Marketing or Arts job? The sort of job you are going for can change your dress code.
No point of wearing a dark suit, stripe tie with a plain shirt if you want to work in Real Estate, you have to shine! Budget is important, you can buy a suit, shirt and tie for under $400 easily!!! Knowing your budget creates an understanding between you and the sales consultant, and you have more money in your bank to spend when you get the job.

Are you Fair Skin Tone?
Are You Medium Skin Tone?


What ever skin tone you are remember to find the right colour and patterns that compliment your eyes and skin tone, I know it actually means something when the sales woman tells you that. Keep it trim, neat, clean, pressed and matching.
Need Personal Style Advice? Email me or leave me a comment, let's get you DAPPER READY!


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