Thursday, 27 March 2014


Pinstripe, chalk stripe, wide, self stripe what the??? Again, suit jargon!
I got you guys covered; a man in a pinstripe suit is as elegant as a Mercedes Benz from the classic collection. You look at it admire the style and you almost feel like buying one, well with a pinstripe suit it won't cost you the big price tag, well maybe, anything under $200 (unless it's a designer sale) WALK AWAY! Anything over $2000 is really unto you? A pinstripe suit in Australia made from natural fibre is roughly $500 and a great wear all year round.

Men need a pinstripe suit in their wardrobe, it is what a white dress means to us women, when we want to stand out we bring out that one style we know will make us feel amazing. Depending on your body shape a pinstripe can enhance your height, add a bulky frame and even make you look thinner, but that's is why you need s stylist they will give you the right advice (enter my name)
This is how you wear the pinstripe suit, this is Dapper

This is how you DON'T  wear it!!!!


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