Thursday, 27 March 2014


I love a man who knows how to mix patterns and colours, I get to style so many Men for different events that mixing patterns is where I get High Destinctions. I know it can be hard to shop for an occassion so I have added some awesome style ideas for you. Whether it's a job interview, engagement party, wedding, races or you just want too look good then G.B.S has you covered.

There are so many ways a stripe shirt can mix with a dot tie and plaid suit jacket, with the right scale and colour you can pull of anything. Think outside the box, have fun and make what you wear tell us who you are. I wrote an example under the photo below, usually we follow a 3 scale look but you can go up to 5 scales for mixing patterns. 

3 Scale look, 1 small (shirt is plain) , 1 medium(tie has a wide stripe pattern)  and 1 large scale ( plaid blazer) , love this look
Perfect Business Attire, stunning 3 piece dark navy suit with a light solid colour shirt mixed with a tie and pocket-square.  4 scale pattern 

 Love this casual smart look, the whole school boy look is in, with prince of whales check, try this if you want to stand out on the weekend. 3 scale look. Mixing checks and stripes 
This is a man who is a BOSS, 4 scale pattern mixing shades of navy with an oxford shirt is dapper
Colourful? YES? Too Much? NOOOOOO, this style is unique and you have to have attitude and the right look too pull this off.  3 scale pattern and rocking it with vibrant colours instead of pattern to bring out this look. 

One single button to double breasted jackets, you can still mix it up and make it business or casual.

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